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“Attends-moi” is a love song by Ben l’Oncle Soul released in 2013. In this cover, Steeven Savy sings with the talented guitarist Raphael Ebenstein.

You know that feeling when you’ve made a wretched mistake and you want the whole world to swallow you up? When you don’t want to talk to anyone, you feel like you’ve let yourself and the people you value down?
It hurts right? You must have enough strength, humility and willingness to stand again. Then you realise that mistake isn’t the end of you. More so, that ‘mistake’ could be the very thing you needed in your life to become a better person. To change or let go of parts of you that aren’t empowering or positive. “Grace”, or when you experience something in your life exactly the way it came to help you grow. Here’s a song of Rag’N’Bone Man by Steeven Savy.

This song from Kaleo is a spot-on assessment of how many people act, when it comes to moral righteousness. Steeven Savy performs this song on stage in front of around 900 music lovers. This happened before the show of the French artist Slimane in Remiremont.

Opening act of Slimane’s concert in 2017. This song by John Legend “is performed on stage by Steeven Savy and Dorian Maddaluno. Dorian Maddaluno is a multitalented beat-maker, sound engineer and instrumentalist. He’s the one who’s played a major role in the new album “Way Out”!

STudio Time

Here is a short video where Dorian Maddaluno is working on a new song while Steeven Savy works on creating the lyrics and the singing melody. At this moment we still don’t know where it is going but we must stay in this state as long as inspiration hits. Then everything goes faster.

Now that we have the main keys of the song, it’s time to add layers to make it sound great!

This is part is one step further in the creation process. This is a unique feeling to be alone in this part of the studio as you can’t hear anything except your own voice.